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All Divisions
Look below for your first match date/time on the WEDNESDAY before the tournament, 6/15/22.
If you registered for your team, please let your partner know.
Bring your own water and a can of new balls (winner will keep unopened can)
The tournament starts on Saturday
, 6/18/23.
Matches will be held at the Wesleyan University, John Wood Memorial Tennis Courts,

131 Vine St., Middletown, CT.
Subsequent matches will be available at Wesleyan University, John Wood Memorial Tennis Courts.

Look for your name in EVERY DIVISION you are entered either on the top line or within the bracket on the bottom line (See example below).  Your 1st match starting day & time will be within the bracket. SEE highlighted instructions in each division. 

Doubles - please ensure your partner is aware of your1st match day & time.

Player #1 or Team #1

Player #2 or Team #2

Above:  Player #1 or Team #1 vs.

Player #2 or Team #2 Tuesday @ 6:30PM 

Tue 6:30 PM

There will be a pdf version of the matches and a spreadsheet version. Both the same.

 All Divisions: date and time of play

Use the scroll bar (right side) inside the spreadsheet to see more

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