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Winton S. Filipek Scholarships

​Filipek Family Tennis Scholarship

In memory of Winton S. Filipek Sr.

The Filipek Family is pleased to support student athletes in Connecticut through a series of $300 - 1,000 scholarships intended to honor the life of Winton S. Filipek, Sr. The Filipek family has presented over $140,000 to deserving student-athletes in the past 13 years.

A well-rounded athlete in the Meriden area, it was tennis that held a special place in his heart. A Meriden city champion at the age of 16, and exhibition match with nationally ranked and Meriden’s own Lois Felix, and a playing span of close to 60 years is a portion of his tennis legacy.
This scholarship fund is one way for our family to honor and remember him in this special way.

College bound seniors may apply and must have a minimum of a “B” average, record of participation on the school’s tennis team at the varsity level and have a record of community involvement.

Contributions to the Wint Filipek Sr. Memorial

Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible.

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The completed application must be submitted NO LATER THAN May 1st

Scholarship Application
2006-2017 Recipients


The Filipek family congratulates our scholarship recipients:

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Bolton HS

Megan Callahan
Cheshire HS
Arnav Velaparthi, Sean Crowley, Jaden Tiriolo

Cromwell HS
Kira Bradley
Lyman Hall HS: 
Megan Lane
Maloney HS: 
Madison Papallo

Sheehan HS: 
Matthew Ottochian

Amanda Addona
Wilcox Technical HS: 
Alan Chen

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The Filipek family congratulates our scholarship recipients:
​2016 Scholarship Recipients

St Paul HS
Olivia Kilbourne
Cheshire HS
Daniel Light, Owen Murray
Lyman Hall HS
Jacob Wolansky

Maloney HS
Griffin Arnold, Domonique Carnot, Katherine Longworth
Newington HS
Ron Abraham
North Haven HS
Giovanni Petruzziello

Sheehan HS
Amy Caplan
Southington HS
Angela Balaoing, Natalia Gimenez
West Haven HS
John Delgado

The Filipek family congratulates our scholarship recipients:
​2015 Scholarship Recipients

Cheshire High School:
Jackson Ajello
Sarah Bruce
Reilly Eldredge
David Light
Sidney Tomko
Katherine Wang
Cromwell High School:
Nick Gianni
Hamden Hall:
Loren Dunn

Lyman Hall High School:
Nicholas Fiorillo
Zachary Sola
Amberly Lao

North Haven High School:
Emily Migliorini

Platt High School:
Joseph Ludemann

Sheehan High School:
Ashley Addona

Southington High School:
Alex Barmore
Julie Falk
Kanal Kataria
Rianna Susco

Wilcox Tech:
Mia Dupuis
Amanda Wallace

The Filipek family congratulates our scholarship recipients:
​2014 Scholarship Recipients

Alyssa Sweigard - Maloney HS
Michael May - Lyman Hall HS
Sarah Pascale - Lyman Hall HS
Riley Mayne - Sheehan HS
Nick Anthony - Cheshire HS
Jeremy Reichentahl - Cheshire HS

Justin Truong - Southington HS
Daniel Rombola - Berlin HS
Christine Hill - Chase Collegiate HS
Melanie Frank - Coginchaug Regional HS
Kellen Gan - Glastonbury HS

Riya Abraham - Newington HS
Andrew Westwood - No. Branford HS
Patrick LeGates - No. Haven HS
Alexia Petruzziello - No. Haven HS
MacKenzie Blair - Thomaston HS
Megan Fitzgerald - Thomaston HS

The Filipek family congratulates our scholarship recipients:
​2013 Scholarship Recipients

Gary Beaumont, Southington HS
Laura Brooks, Lyman Hall HS
Caleigh Curran, Sacred Heart Academy
Ariana D’Avanzo, Platt HS
Vincenzo DiDomenico, Platt HS
Tim Earley, Sheehan HS

Sarah Gansley, Sheehan HS
Emanuel Keiler, Platt HS
James Keiler, Platt HS
Claudia Krah, Sacred Heart Academy
Rebecca Mauri, Platt HS
James Park, Maloney HS

Andrew Rittenhouse, Maloney HS
Danielle Sweigard, Maloney HS
Christina Szepanski, Windsor Locks HS
Kevin Thompson, Sheehan HS
Dina Weick, Amity Regional HS

The Filipek family congratulates our scholarship recipients:
​2012 Scholarship Recipients

Ruchi Sheth, Platt HS
Isabelle Jacobson, Sheehan HS
Jennifer Lange, Sheehan HS
Matthew Mezzei, Sheehan HS
Conor Makepeace, Lyman Hall HS

Brian Murphy, Lyman Hall HS
Alejandra Gimenez, Southington HS
Courtney Race, Southington HS
Andrea Rasimas, Southington HS
Theresa Fitzpatrick, Cheshire HS

Andrew Henderson, Cheshire HS
Kelly Josephson, Berlin HS
Matthew Dean, Newington HS
Ronald Goodman, Home schooled, Meriden, CT

2011 Scholarship Recipients
Samantha Rosado
Tina Dutra
Chelsea Brown
Evan Gladney
Nicholas Madonna
Sarah Shoemaker
Nathan Beaumont
James DiNello
Katherine Otis
Emily Sherwill
Alyssa Carofano
Beck Bond
Jennifer Flannery
Megan Wester
Dominic Brzozowski
Christie Greenberg
Sarah Baker

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Dylan Moore
Hilary Rolstone
Victor Moreno
Aaron Lane
Spencer Beck
Alexandra Gerry
Jesse Boyd
Amy Provost
Christopher Early
Elizabeth Kadow
Michael Kadow
Jasmin Gimenez
Ryan Klem
Nicole Marziarz
Mike Rabiej

2009 Scholarship Recipients
Felicia Astorino
Melissa Beaumont
Lisa Cheung
Emily Doll
Daniel Dreissen
Jacqueline Garry
Sarah Griffin
Stephanie Kalat
Jennifer Lehner
Adam Lyon
Alexander Mastriano
Linh Nhan
James Nitz
Dennis Scarpa
Molly Schannell
Alexander Thompson
Kim Vo

2007 Scholarship Recipients
Tim Dise
David Dreissen
Deano Kaminski
William Lake
Jamie Losi
Jessica Smilovich
Jamie Lynn Sarfeh
Amanda Szeligowski

2008 Scholarship Recipients
Christina Brzozowski, Sacred heart Academy
Alex Coppola, Southington HS
Anns Durrani, Sheehan HS
Giselle Gimenez, Southington HS
Anna Lyke, Cheshire HS
Eric Murdy, Maloney HS
Rachel Murphy, Sheehan HS
Amanda Parisi, Sheehan HS
Monica Pascale, Lyman Hall HS
Brittny Staschke, Lyman Hall HS

2006 Scholarship Recipients
Lila Cheung
Ibtisam Durrani
Alexandra Garry
Justin Goot
Kristen Wielgosz

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